Month: August 2017

Difference Between Racism, Prejudice, and Stereotyping

Alisha Patel August 15, 2017 93 No Comments

The terms “racism,” “stereotyping,” and “prejudice” are often used interchangeably. However, each of these words have entirely different meanings although they are all somewhat related. All three of these terms involve the poor treatment of specific groups or types of people. The term “racism” originate

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What Dating Is Like For Millennials

AustinA August 9, 2017 186 No Comments

millennial dating trends

There are many statistics to point towards the notion that for millennials, dating and relationships (and eventually marriage) is something hard to grasp. According to a recent report, young people are marrying later and having sex less. In 1960, 72% of all adults aged eighteen and older were married; today just 51%

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Beating the Winter Blues: Sunlight is the Key to Seasonal Affective Disorder

AustinA August 9, 2017 86 No Comments

Seasonal affective disorder

Dealing with a case of the winter blues? It’s difficult for some people to retain their energy levels and positive mood as the days grow shorter and the temperatures colder in the winter months. Mild cases are commonly referred to as the winter blues, while more severe cases may meet the criteria for Seasonal Affect

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Could I possibly be addicted to marijuana?

AustinA August 3, 2017 106 No Comments

am i addicted to marijuana

Marijuana–an herb plant that goes by many names: weed, mary jane, pot, ganja, dope, cannabis, the list goes on–has been a controversial topic of debate for decades. Supporters and opponents for and against the state-level legalization of marijuana have made numerous conflicting claims. Advocates believe l

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Do I Have an Eating Disorder?

AustinA August 3, 2017 113 No Comments

Do I have an eating disorder

The ubiquitous nature of social media exposes many young teens and adults alike to look to unrealistic standards when it comes to the perception of an “ideal” body type. These standards are imposed everywhere around us- and can have detrimental effects to how we perceive health.  Early childhood to adolescence is

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Addiction – A Disease or a Choice?

AustinA August 3, 2017 82 No Comments

is addiction a disease or a choice

What is Addiction? Every year in America, over 90,000 Americans die from illicit and prescription drugs as well as alcohol, and it costs America more than $700 billion a year. Addiction has been the focus of a lot of research but also a lot of controversies because of its high consequences. According to the National I

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Overcoming an Affair In a Relationship

AustinA August 3, 2017 67 No Comments

overcoming an affair in a relationship

Overcoming the emotions experienced in an affair is an arduous process. We dedicate a huge portion of our time developing these intimate feelings with our significant other. He/She becomes a precious part of who we are. Not surprisingly, you’d feel a gaping hole if they are no longer a part of your life. While tho

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The Psychology of Sex: An Exploration on Why We Have Sex

AustinA August 3, 2017 87 No Comments

the psychology of sex

In today’s society, sex has become prevalent in our daily lives. At the grocery store, you can find men and women’s magazines with slim, shapely, chic models depicted on the cover with headlines for articles about how to last longer in bed, how to improve your sex life, and a multitude of ways how to please tha

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What is Borderline Personality Disorder?

AustinA August 3, 2017 97 No Comments

borderline personality disorder

Think of the last time you saw a “textbook case” of borderline personality disorder in a film or TV show. You’re maybe thinking of Girl, Interrupted (1999) or maybe even that one episode of Criminal Minds because how can they not have an episode depicting borderline personality disorder, right?  Well, you’d be

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Am I Addicted to Sex?!

AustinA August 3, 2017 351 No Comments

am i addicted to sex

What is Sex Addiction? It is estimated that the prevalence of sexual addiction-related disorders occurs between 3% to 16.8% of the population. In the general adult population, it is estimated that 3%-6% suffer from sexual addiction with higher rates among specific niches of the population such as sexual offenders, HIV

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