3 Key Tools for Addiction Recovery Steps and their Families

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Dr. Vazquez and Dr. Gharadjedaghi share 3 key tools for Addiction Recovery Steps as well as affected and concerned family members.

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The 3 key tools for Addiction Recovery Steps and their families are:

1)Take Responsibility! Even if you are not ready to bare the full brunt of your actions, taking at least 10% responsibility is a healthy way to start the recovery process for yourself and your family.

2)Shift your focus and your perception on life. Even if it is just taking stock of what you have rather than what you don’t, what you can do and what you can’t will help create a more positive perception towards recovery.

3)Gratitude! Try this helpful tip from Dr. Carlos: Write down what you’re grateful for everyday for 30 days (but don’t repeat anything!), you will notice that everyday you’re forced to look a little bit deeper. Therefore, gratitude in the small things, like waking up without pain, becomes something worth being thankful for.

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