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5 Ways to Compromise with Your Roommates and Avoid Conflicts

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Whether you are living with your best friend or a stranger, it is necessary to know how to handle and avoid conflicts. People come from different backgrounds and have varied personalities, making it essential to compromise if you are to prevent arguments. This is because sharing the same space will encourage interaction and exchange of different ideas. Here are a few steps you can take to avoid unnecessary tension and frustration and enjoy a successful relationship.


Set and Stick to Common Ground Rules

Setting and sticking to common ground rules will help you compromise and avoid frequent conflicts with your roommates. This will involve talking frankly about paying the bills, hosting parties in the shared space, keeping the house secure and maintaining all appliances in excellent condition.


Don’t Let Problems Pile Up

Since it is clear that you will have problems with your roommates from time to time, you should come up with effective ways of resolving them. Rather than letting problems pile up, you should consider dealing with them as they emerge. However, even when something is bothering you, you should know when to pick your battles.


Keep It Clean

A dirty house will add to the issues that bring tension between you and your roommate. This is why you should share chores equally so the communal areas are clean at all times. Apart from cleaning dirty dishes, doing laundry and cleaning the floor, proper HVAC maintenance will ensure good air quality. This will not only help to avoid conflicts but also potential health hazards.


Honest but Polite Communication

When living with your roommates, most of the things you do will have an impact on someone else. This makes it imperative to develop proper channels of communication. While you may not be best friends, honest but polite conversations are crucial. You should also compromise whenever your roommates have different views from yours.


Respect Space and Privacy

Part of being responsible involves respecting your roommate’s personal space, belongings and privacy. Before taking, using or disrespecting something that belongs to the other person, you should ask first. Merely living together does not mean that you are entitled to their belongings. Make sure that your visitors respect such space and privacy as well.


While having a roommate can make for a challenging experience, being respectful and courteous will go a long way in making your stay peaceful. You will also need to be patient and kind to build and maintain a healthy relationship.



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