Mahastee Mehdizadeh

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My Therapy Approach: I feel that a big reason for issues that people have is our inability to say NO. Based on my own experience and from working with clients for over 10 years I have noticed how by not having healthy boundaries we have lost out on positive opportunities, sabotaged ourselves, are more reactive, and stuck in negative feelings due to the chaotic energy of the lack of structure and security. I initially help my clients understand more of who they are through various tests, like the Enneagram Personality Test which gives an idea of the person’s overall fears and desire, I also help my clients first learn to observe themselves and others in how they react and how they feel within themselves. i teach skills for clients to gain a stronger sense of intuition, and tools to be able to make quick decisions. I provide education on what healthy boundaries are, and how to create them. I focus on my clients gaining awareness, and strength in being their genuine selves, and becoming a healthier version of who they are. This allows my clients to shift to the positive successfully in their relationships, finances, performance, healthy, spirituality. I am Cognitive Behavior Therapist with an Existential philosophy that uses a combination of psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, neuro-linguistics programming, muscle-testing, coaching, subconscious block release and other powerful tools to create positive and effective results. I provide individual, and couples sessions, and sometimes family sessions. I teach workshops and groups on a regular basis. I also provide phone/skype session if necessary.
Groups I Work With:
More Info About My Practice: I am the co-founder of Forward Life with my husband, Arash Shahangian, MFT., CHT, who is also a Licensed Psycotherapist/Clinical Hynotherapist. We work out of our offices in Signal Hill, and Lake Forest, CA. We also see some of our insurance clients in Los Alamitos and Huntington Beach through Associated Therapists. Although both Arash and Mahastee are skilled in similar areas, their styles are different, yet complimentary.