Job Title:

Therapist Marketing Sales Professional



Most health care providers do not have any background or training on the marketing side of the business. In many cases they are unable to account for what sources drive in which clients, if any at all. Worse yet, we have seen numerous therapy and healthcare professionals who do not own their own web domains.

With the variety of mediums and advertising programs it is more important than ever to understand which ones work best for them. However, they lack the technical and marketing skills necessary to do so. began back in 2013 as an online depository of educational videos on therapy and healing. Today, has emerged as the top most listing on Google for therapy related videos. With it’s strong SEO top ranking positioning, helps therapist and health care professionals around the country to market and promote their practice in the most advanced and sought after media: online videos.

In addition to providing them with an online platform to list their business, produce, and host videos, we begin by providing the healthcare practice with a marketing assessment that is designed to illustrate how and where they can be found online. With this summary, practitioners can decide what areas they would like to focus on improving, if any, including web presence, SEO, social media marketing, video production, appointment setting, lead generation, follow up education, client retention, networking, self promotion, publishing, etc.

Areas where we can provide assistance:
*Search Engine Optimization
*Social Media Management
*Web upgrade & design
*Video Production and Marketing
*Mobile Advertising
*Web domain Control
*Most importantly the ability to measure the ROI of all of these separately!

Our mission is to help healthcare firms regain control of their marketing efforts and its efficacy. We believe this will save them money in long-run, help them make better decisions, give them a peace of mind, and set themselves apart as leaders in the industry.

The Sales Process:
Primarily by phone due to the busy nature of the demographic. Before contacting you will do cursory research so that you can become knowledgeable about their practice. You will quickly qualify him/her and get right to the point. You will provide a concise high-level overview before inviting them to dive into the app or scheduling longer presentation including all services.

-High call volume cold calling experience
-Experience selling to busy professionals or business owners
-Ability to work independently and with little supervision
-Strong earnings history and demonstrable ability to effectively present a business solution and close the sale

Territories are expansive and advancement opportunity will never be better. Commissions are aggressive and paid residually enabling you to amass substantial passive income through hard work and market knowledge. Additional training can be provided as necessary but you will have to come in with proven sales experience.

Average sales reps earn close to 100k/year, more is possible.

Full-Time Sales – Part-Time Sales – Spare-Time Sales –
Visit our website before applying. Email and inquire about the sales job. Qualified applicants will be contacted within a few business days. No phone calls please.

Additional Details:
-Company established in 2013.
-Small privately held company with 5 employees, 1 sales person.
-Territories are protected.
-Residual commissions.
-Leads provided.
-No health benefits.
-Leads are managed via google docs spreadsheet.
-Relaxed management style.
-Self-directed personalities fit in well.
-Management opportunities available.