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Addiction and the Mind

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Mindfulness: What Is It and How Does It Help with Addiction?

Being Mindful can help us improve our daily lives. This can very much relate to helping overcome addiction as well. Mindfulness, as defined by Arsen Muradyan, has two components: 1)Being present and aware of the moment and situation at hand. 2)Look at the mome

publish March 30, 2017 239
How are Trauma and Addiction Related?

Trauma is usually a cause of addiction, fear or shame or anger usually build up from a situation early on in life which people tend to hide from later in life in the form of addiction. Most times the anger stems from the inability to let go of a situation, thi

publish March 1, 2017 180
Introduction to Addiction and the Mind

Addiction and the Mind with Duane Osterlind is an exploration into how, why and when addiction effects a persons brain, body and behaviors. From chemical addiction to sex addiction, gambling to Internet gaming, take a look into the mind during addiction, heali

publish March 1, 2017 99
Sex Addiction vs. Infidelity and Its Effects

Sex addiction and infidelity are vastly different; while infidelity can be a one time event, addiction is usually uncontrollable regardless of life consequences and some addicts have tried to quit. Sex addiction is usually something that has persisted since a

publish March 1, 2017 172
Partners of Sex Addicts

When couples show up in therapy after discovery of infidelity/betrayal, how can they best be helped? This discussion will cover the similarities and differences of therapeutic treatment for couples recovering from extramarital affairs versus sex addiction as w

publish March 1, 2017 123
Overcoming Food Addiction

Food addiction is defined as an uncontrollable craving for excess foods high in sugar, wheat and flour. Food addicts often feel the same satisfaction of eating certain foods, or overeating different types of food that heroin addicts might feel when getting hig

publish March 1, 2017 88

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