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Brian Tran

Join Date : November 28, 2016

About Brian Tran

Hey everybody! My name is Brian and I am a soon-to-be graduate from the University of California San Diego. I plan to soon graduate with a Bachelor's in Social Psychology and History- and currently seek pursue a career in what may most likely be a field in Marketing/Business Development! I'm an avid Lacrosse fan, and enjoy living an active lifestyle (at least I try to). When coming across the opportunity to intern for Therapy Cable, I was automatically drawn to join the team- writing for our readers gives me a deep sense of satisfaction knowing that I am able to extend what I have learned in my previous studies to an audience who may be simply curious about topics like mental health, or those who actually may need it the most. While my plans to pursue graduate studies in the Mental Health field are not in the near horizon, I still enjoy the prospects of providing the information/skills I've learned in promoting a healthy lifestyle that encompasses both a sound mind and body. I look forward to interacting with you all- please enjoy what Therapy Cable has to offer!

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Why do we eat unhealthy food? …And how to stop!

 Why do we eat unhealthy food? …And how to stop! Donuts! Burgers! Chips! Some of us know these foods all too well. From busy, young teens to working adults, everyone tends to choose the fastest and most convenient way to select food that allows us to ef

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How Can Eating Certain Foods Affect your Mood?

How Can Eating Certain Foods Affect your Mood? There are many ways in which we can all approach our relationship with food! As consumers, we need to realize that our relationship with food is complex. There are many things that are outside of our control that

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Religion vs Spirituality: What are the differences?!

Religion vs Spirituality: What are the differences?! There has been a history of debate regarding the relationship between spirituality and religion. Do elements of spirituality reside in religion? What about the other way around? The number of questions can s

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How Do You Know If They’re The Right One?

How do you know she’s / he’s the one? For those of you that are in a current romantic relationship, are you able to see if he or she is “the right one”? Knowing if he or she is the “right one” requires a fundamental base of understanding an

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