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Into the Mind of a Hostage Negotiator

A seasoned global negotiator, teacher and leader in the field, Christopher Voss leads a team (The Black Swan Group Ltd.) that provides masterful negotiating services to companies for high stakes situations and deals, trains businesses and individuals in an eff

publish March 6, 2017 101
Where do you go if Therapy Isn’t Working?

Join Dr. Carlos as he explores where do people go when therapy isn’t working? Negative habits we use when life gets stressful and we need relief. Some people take these vices to the extreme and become addicted. Whether its food, drugs, sex, alcohol, gamb

publish March 6, 2017 204
The Psychology of Boxing w/ Winky Wright

Join Dr. Carlos as he chats with Winky Wright about boxing and the upcoming MayPac fight. “Winky” Wright is an American former boxing champion. During his professional career he was recognized as the undisputed champion at light-middleweight, and f

publish March 6, 2017 122
The Future of Boxing

Join Dr. Carlos is he explores the future of boxing and the upcoming Mayweather-Pacquiao fight. Look into why people are so enamored by watching others fight. Boxing Sportscaster for Iron Boy Promotions, Analyst for The Boxing Voice and Reporter for Race Chase

publish March 6, 2017 131
What is Christian Science?

Join Dr. Carlos as he explores what Christian Science is with Don Ingerwerson. Hi, I’m Don Ingwerson! I blog on the importance of the link between thought, spirituality, and health. You can find my articles in a number of outlets, including Southern Cali

publish March 6, 2017 129
Christian Science and their Belief in Hell

Join Dr. Carlos as he delves into the tough theological questions and the answers from Christian Science with Don Ingwerson. As a Christian Scientist working as the Committee on Publication for Southern California, Don job is to advocate for Christian Science

publish March 6, 2017 99
The Psychology of Home Buying

Join Dr. Carlos As he explores the psychology of home buying with Selma Hepp. Selma is a senior economist at the California Association of Realtors. On this episode of the Circle of Insight we talk with Selma Hepp about why we buy homes and what influences the

publish March 6, 2017 107
A Look at Common Core Standards

Join Dr. Carlos as he explores what is common core, the issue of Common Core and common core standards with Duke Pesta. Dr. Duke Pesta, an English professor at the University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh. Pesta also serves as the Academic Director of FreedomProjec

publish March 6, 2017 89
Did Jesus Have a Brother?!

Join Dr. Carlos as he explores if Jesus had a brother with Robert Eisenman. Robert Eisenman is the author of : The Cup of the Lord, the Damascus Covenant, and the Blood of Christ (2006), James the Brother of Jesus: The Key to Unlocking the Secrets of Early Chr

publish March 6, 2017 121
A Chat With Actress Nadine Vinzens

Join Dr. Carlos as he chats with movie actress Nadine Vinzens and former Miss Switzerland. Nadine Vinzens became worldwide recognition of being Miss Switzerland and Face of the Universe. At that time she did boycott Miss World which was held in Nigeria. A woma

publish March 6, 2017 136
A Chat With Former Raiderette Nicole Rodrigues

Join Dr. Carlos as he chats with former Raiderette Nicole Rodrigues. Nicole is the CEO of the NRPR Group is a full-service public relations and social media marketing agency located in Beverly Hills, CA. Our strategic services help businesses, celebrities, con

publish March 6, 2017 102
The Hidden Psychology of Egg Donors

Many countries have laws that range of restricting to full outlaw of egg donors, which drives the market elsewhere. The demand for egg donations are high among gay couples who have no way of producing a child of their own and infertile couples that gone throug

publish March 6, 2017 108

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