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Can We Travel in Time?

Join Dr. Carlos as we discover, can we travel in time with Dr. Clegg. BRIAN CLEGG holds a physics degree from Cambridge and has written regular columns, features, and reviews for numerous magazines. He lives in Wiltshire, England, with his wife and two childre

publish May 11, 2017 174
Challenges of an Adult Asperger’s Diagnosis

Join Dr. Carlos as he discusses Adult Asperger’s syndrome with David Finch. David Finch grew up on a farm in northern Illinois and attended the University of Miami, where he studied Music Engineering Technology. In 2008 he was diagnosed with Asperger’s

publish May 11, 2017 129
How Does Violence in Entertainment Affect You?

Join Carlos as he explores the effects of violence in the media with Dr. Sparks. Dr. Sparks is a Professor in the Brian Lamb School of Communication at Purdue University. He has done General research on the effects of mass media. Research has included experime

publish May 10, 2017 124
The Psychology of Visual Perception

We discuss the psychology of visual perception with DALE PURVES. DALE PURVES is Professor in the Departments of Neurobiology, Psychology, and Brain Sciences, and Philosophy at Duke University, USA. After earning a B.A. from Yale, an M.D. from Harvard Medical S

publish May 10, 2017 120
What is the Omniverse? – Omniverse Explained!

What exactly is the Omniverse? Join Carlos as he explores the Omniverse with David Bertolacci. To learn more please visit: Support ❧ ❧ Link to Amazon –

publish May 3, 2017 115
How a Christian Turned Atheist – W/ John Loftus

Join Dr. Carlos as he interviews John Loftus, A Christian turned atheist. For about two decades John W. Loftus was a devout evangelical Christian. Support ❧ ❧ Link to Amazon – Thank you! Le

publish April 21, 2017 266
The Mind of a UFC Champion – Bas Rutten interview

Dr. Carlos goes into the mind of a UFC champion while interviewing Bas Rutten. Hundreds of free videos: Support ❧ ❧ Link to Amazon – Thank you! Bas Rutten Is a Dutch re

publish April 18, 2017 234
3 Key Tools for Addiction Recovery Steps and their Families

Dr. Vazquez and Dr. Gharadjedaghi share 3 key tools for Addiction Recovery Steps as well as affected and concerned family members. Learn more: Support ❧ https://www.pat

publish April 18, 2017 237
The Spectrum of Drug and Alcohol Addiction

If you know someone who may be abusing alcohol, prescription drugs, or illicit drugs, the first thought is always their health. Keep in mind before approaching one person about concerns for someone, you must be aware of the signs of abuse in case of legal rami

publish April 18, 2017 183
What are Anxiolytics and How do they work in the brain?

Anxiolytic drugs are a temporary remedy that artificially removes the symptoms of anxiety, but doesn’t fix the underlying cause of the anxiety. Which can lead to chemical dependency. Support ❧ ❧ Link to Amazon – http

publish April 17, 2017 374
The Psychology of Statistics

Join Carlos as he explores Psychology of Statistics with Charles Wheelan. To learn more about the psychology behind statistics, please visit: To help support us:

publish April 5, 2017 409
The Psychology of Persuasion

Dr. Robert Levine discusess the psychology of persuasion and how to make others think your way! For more Psychology videos: – To help support and provide more new and exciting content: This valuabl

publish April 3, 2017 153

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