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The Transgender Community

Special guest clinician,Traci Medeiros-Bagan, MFTi and Jim Brillon begin a discussion about “the T” in LGBT, the Transgender Community. This is an especially misunderstood, underserved and vulnerable community. We strive to answer questions about t

publish March 1, 2017 179
10 Ways to Help Gay Men Improve Their Lives

Here are 10 excellent tips for helping gay men improve their lives: 1)Taking responsibilities in their own life: Bless yourself, don’t wait for society to accept you empower yourself 2)Affirming yourself by coming out: By staying in the closet, you are subje

publish March 1, 2017 143
Becoming a Gay Affirmative Therapist

In part 2 of our series, Dr. Joe Kort and Jim Brillon discuss the necessary orientation and process for becoming a gay-affirmative therapist. Drawing upon Dr. Kort’s quintessential book: Gay-Affirmative Therapy for the Straight Clinician, we discuss addr

publish March 1, 2017 148
Coming Out and LGBTQ Development

Jim Brillon goes beneath the surface in starting a discussion about coming out, the impact of shame and the different developmental pathway that gay children go through, from childhood through adolescence and toward adulthood. An important reminder: Gay adults

publish March 1, 2017 150
Resources for the LGBT Community in OC

To learn more about LGTBQ resources in Orange County, please visit: Ann Mason, Director of Mental Health at The Center OC discusses the needs of the LGBTQ comm

publish January 11, 2017 123
Finding The Right LGBTQ Therapist

In this introduction to OUT & Informed, Jim Brillon explains that a person’s sexual orientation is not a problem; problems arise from chronic stigma, marginalization and invalidation of LGBTQ people. Shame, resulting from such oppression, affects th

publish January 9, 2017 225

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