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Borderline Personality Disorders Within Families and Relationships

Dr. Ehsan Gharadjedaghi Discusses Borderline personality disorders within families and relationships and how to cope with this. Dealing with a mother, father, son, daughter, or significant other with borderline personality disorder can be extremely tough. Dr.

publish November 11, 2017 23
Cluster B Personality Disorders Information (Antisocial, Borderline, Histrionic, Narcissistic)

In this video Dr. G discusses Personality disorder cluster b and what information you need to know! Personality disorder cluster B. Cluster B personality disorders are characterized by dramatic, overly emotional or unpredictable thinking or behavior which has

publish November 6, 2017 43
Treating Personality Disorders – Why is it so Hard?!

Dr. Ehsan Gharadjedaghi Discusses why personality disorders are hard to treat

publish November 3, 2017 32
Discussing Personality Disorders Symptoms and Treatment Q&A

Dr. Ehsan Gharadjedaghi Discusses Personality Disorders Symptoms and Treatment for various personality disorders

publish October 27, 2017 52
Understanding Responsive Female Sexual Desire

Addressing the #MeToo campaign and sexual abuse/trauma there is a difference between the psychological aspects of female victims vs male victims. There is a phenomenon within human sexuality called Responsive Female Sexual Desire. Dr. G explains the psychologi

publish October 26, 2017 56
Breaking the Silence – How Silence Affects #MeToo

With the recent trending topic of #Metoo , the issue of sexual abuse and the role of breaking the silence is so critical to understand. The amount of people coming out against Harvey Weinstein has created a massive social movement. Sexual abuse is unfortunatel

publish October 19, 2017 53
Cluster A Personality Disorders: What you NEED to know!

In this video Dr. G discusses Personality disorder cluster a and what information you need to know! Personality disorder cluster A is an odd and eccentric type of disorder which has 3 personality disorders in it: Paranoid personality disorder(PPD), Schizoid pe

publish October 13, 2017 49
Introduction to Personality Disorder Clusters

This video is an Introduction to Personality Disorder Clusters. Usually, personality disorders are categorized into three different clusters. This is mostly because different personality disorders cluster around a central theme. To speak with a professional ab

publish October 13, 2017 118
I’m not Crazy, I’m Just Struggling – Mental Health Awareness

Mental health issues affect us all in one way or another. Listen to these stories and what mental health issues mean to psychologists, students, friends, and more. Our mission is to spread mental health awareness to as many people as possible. Are you willing

publish October 10, 2017 30
PSYCHED! Transitions and Transformations, Cell Phone Addiction Symptoms

Have you ever considered how you spend your daily time and energy? Have you thought about cell phone addiction? In From the Mind of Dr. Gerry Fishkin, Gerry explores the various ways we connect and disconnect from people, Cell Phone Addiction Symptoms through

publish October 10, 2017 47
South coast counseling hope after addiction

South Coast Counseling specializes in treating a wide variety of addictions and underlying psychological issues. By treating the whole person and approaching the disease of addiction from all angles, our clients are given the opportunity to achieve lasting rec

publish October 9, 2017 32
The Psychology of Method Acting

Join Carlos as explores the psychology of method acting with Dr. Beguiristain. Do you have a favorite method actor? Comment below! Learn more: Support ❧

publish May 11, 2017 107

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