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Opiate Detoxing: The Do’s and Don’ts of Addiction Treatment

On this episode of Tips and Tools, Dr. G. discusses with our guest, Dr. Rafael Penunuri about opiate detoxing. We discuss why self-detoxing does not work and some options that you have to seek help. To learn more about Opiate detoxing and addiction treatment,

publish January 27, 2017 83
Tips and Tools for Dealing With Addiction

Dr. G and Dr. Carlos discuss tips and tools for dealing with addiction. To successfully quit a dependency, there needs to be a decision to kick the dependency, a plan of action, and relapse prevention. Often relapses occur because there was only a decision to

publish January 20, 2017 200
How to Disarm the Inner Critic

The inner critic, or the critical parent, can be dealt with in a number of ways. Click here to learn more: These ways can be described as; self-compassion, finding goals to m

publish January 20, 2017 65
Solving Problems in 7 Steps

In this episode, I explain the problem-solving process. Problem-solving is the function of human adult ego-state. Then I will discuss how value system is related to this process and ways of figuring out your values. To find out more information regarding probl

publish January 18, 2017 31
What is Transactional Analysis?

The show educates the viewers on Transactional Analysis(TA). This is a model that discusses different aspects of personality and provides insight regarding introspection and self-knowledge. To learn more about Transactional Analysis please visit: https://thera

publish January 18, 2017 60
How does Addiction Affect a Child’s Development?

Addiction can affect children of addicts by, in short and harsh terms, being detrimental to their development. Click here for more information: These traumas are usua

publish January 17, 2017 67
Psychology of an Actor of Theater and TV

What is it like to be an actress in both television and Theater? It might surprise you! Find out more about the Psychology behind being an actor here: Carlos Talks w

publish January 12, 2017 77
How To Get Confidence

Find out how to gain more confidence here: Join Dr. Carlos as he explores how to get confidence with author Kim Egelsee. Getting Your Life to a Ten +; Tips and Tools for finding your purpose, b

publish January 12, 2017 36
The Need for Spiritual Understanding

To learn more about the need for spiritual understanding, please visit: On this first episode of Spiritual Crossroads, Dr. Ehsan Gharadjedaghi and Rev. Dr. Peggy Price discus

publish January 11, 2017 34
The Transgender Community

To learn more about the Transgender community, please view: Special guest clinician,Traci Medeiros-Bagan, MFTi and Jim Brillon begin a discussion about “the T” in LGBT, the

publish January 11, 2017 38
10 Ways to Help Gay Men Improve Their Lives

To learn more how about improving your life as a gay man, please visit: Here are 10 excellent tips for helping gay men improve their lives: 1)Taking responsibilit

publish January 11, 2017 227
Becoming a Gay Affirmative Therapist

To learn more about Gay-Affirmative Therapy, please visit: In part 2 of our series, Dr. Joe Kort and Jim Brillon discuss the necessary orientation and process for becoming a g

publish January 11, 2017 83

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