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Is My Husband Gay Straight or Bi?

Is my husband gay straight or bi? To learn more about this please view: The answer to this question is not as simple as it may seem. Men can and have had sex with other men, or

publish January 11, 2017 215
5 Types of Addictive Drugs

To learn more about different types of addictive drugs, please visit: 5 Types of addictive drugs are: Narcotics: painkillers, induce sleep. Anxiolytics: reducing anxiolytic and stress De

publish January 11, 2017 197
Release These Stigmas!

Mental health stigmas are all around us, from “people with mental illnesses are CRAZY” to “mental illnesses are not real illnesses.” Thus, by writing out these stigmas on balloons and releasing it, the Norooz Clinic Foundation wants to

publish January 10, 2017 38
Coming Out and LGBTQ Development

To learn more about coming out and LGBTQ development, please visit: Jim Brillon goes beneath the surface in starting a discussion about coming out, the impact of shame and the

publish January 9, 2017 53
A Survivor Speaks Healing Sexual Trauma Through Art

To view this entire story of healing sexual trauma through art, please visit: Eve Andry is an incest survivor. Eve remained silent for many years and art became a way for her to

publish January 9, 2017 149
A Chat With International Model Veronica Lavery

Join Dr. Carlos as he chats with international model Veronica Lavery and her journey to America. Veronica LaVery was born in 1991 in the Czech Republic to a Slovakian mother and a Polish/Irish father. Veronica grew up in a multicultural family that enabled her

publish December 30, 2016 106
How ISIS Operates

Join Us as we explore how ISIS operates. Our guest is Former Senior Director of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime in Afghanistan and professional public policy analyst, Dr. Mohammad Amirkhizi

publish December 16, 2016 135
How can you be Jewish if you don’t believe in God?

Join Carlos as he explores how Judaism views the tough questions such as how can you be Jewish if you don’t believe in God? Prior to becoming a Rabbi Joel Berman was a popular comedian in the Los Angeles area. He was born and raised in Wilmington, Delawa

publish December 8, 2016 138
Should we call an addict an addict?

What is going on in the world of an addict or should we even call them that? Can labeling addicts actually cause more harm than help? We discuss labeling and more with one of the cutting edge figures in the addiction world for over 40 years, Dr. Stanton Peele.

publish May 25, 2016 63
How can Genograms help you understand your family patterns?

What are genograms and how can they help therapists and social workers get to understand their clients better? Find out how they can reflect your connections with family members, relationships and even family patterns! Dr. Monica Mcgoldrick Is a leading expert

publish May 25, 2016 103
How does aging affect our economy?

Demographic economics expert Dr. Ronald Lee discusses with Dr. Carlos about how aging can affect our economy! With our civilization aging at such a rapid rate, Dr. Lee predicts in 2 or 3 decades our economy will drastically change. There will be fewer workers

publish May 12, 2016 107
Diabetes Causes and Effects.

Dr. Carlos talks with Dr. Kumar about the widespread disease: diabetes.

publish April 23, 2016 85

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