A Chat With International Model Veronica Lavery

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Join Dr. Carlos as he chats with international model Veronica Lavery and her journey to America. Veronica LaVery was born in 1991 in the Czech Republic to a Slovakian mother and a Polish/Irish father.

Veronica grew up in a multicultural family that enabled her to experience numerous cultures and socio-economic circumstances. It was due to such experience that she became familiar with Slovak, Polish, German and English; and has developed an open minded and adaptive character.

Being raised in a small northern town called Vrchlabi, known as the Gate to the Giant Mountains (Krkonose) of the Czech Republic, was one of the main factors that has allowed Veronika to grow humble, modest, and true to her self. However, her free spirit, ambitious, and adventurous mind always yearned for new challenges that a small towns just can’t always offer.

While in Vrchlabi, Veronika attended both an art and dance school along with acting classes where she was trained to play musical instruments, sing, craft, act and dance. She was also a singer in a punkrock band named Driak, where she was the only female, and only 15yo(!!). She has done various stage plays, band and dance performances and definitely wasn’t shy about being seen and heard by masses. All those artistic ways of expressing herself in her very young age helped to keep her life exciting and gave her a solid base for her, during that time unthinkable, career in the entertainment industry.

In February 2008, after 17 years of living in the Czech Republic, Veronica, her younger sister Natalia, her parents, along with their dog Bart moved to Sacramento, California. The transition from a small town full of snow in the winter to a relatively big city full of heat and palm trees was the challenge Veronica probably always wanted but adjusting to a new country, new culture and a language that she used only 2x a week inside her class was tougher than she anticipated.

In June 2009, Veronica graduated from the Foothill High School, Sacramento and enrolled in college to study Anthropology and Business. It was during this time that she got an opportunity to model. Modeling allowed Veronica to use her prior knowledge of acting and dancing to express herself in a whole new way which she quickly fell in love with.

As a result, in 2010, Veronica was able to build a diverse portfolio focusing mostly on, those days, alternative, glamour, fashion, and swimwear, as well as establish herself as a prominent model in the NorCal modeling community.

When Veronica’s modeling hobby became her primary focus, she decided to try her chances in the busier Southern California. Without knowing anybody down south besides her ex boyfriend and without knowing anything about living alone especially in this different country, she quickly adjusted and worked hard on herself to get where she is nowadays. In 2011 Veronica became a Playboy model in The USA, in 2012 her first Playboy cover came out in her home country Czech Republic and a bunch of other magazine features and magazine covers published internationally along with campaigns for various brands and/or artists including Maxim En Espanol, FHM, fashion magazines, Avenged Sevenfold, T.Mills, and Tattoo magazines have been around ever since.

After being in the Southern California for 2 years now, and being in the modeling industry since late 2010, Veronica is working herself into a more ‘exciting field’ as she explains. You’ll be able to see Veronica LaVery in her first movie called “In The Mind’s Eye” which will be released in early 2014; as well as in a horror movie ‘HitchHiker Massacre’ which will be out in November 2014- these are just one of many other things that are being in the works for her fans to see. Apart from still expanding her experience in the modeling industry, traveling the world and inspiring starting models Veronica is on her way to accomplish the goals she set for herself in this hectic entertainment industry. “I’d love to be a successful actress one day and just stay in front of the camera as much as I’ll be able to; and maybe even going back on stages to perform wouldn’t hurt :), the sooner the better!”


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