Christian Science and their Belief in Hell

March 6, 2017 153 22 No Comments


Join Dr. Carlos as he delves into the tough theological questions and the answers from Christian Science with Don Ingwerson.

As a Christian Scientist working as the Committee on Publication for Southern California, Don job is to advocate for Christian Science – not just legislatively – but also in public thought. And that’s what my blogs have been doing – showing the link between the mental and the physical, and how important the spiritual is to the mental.
I’ve been working as the Christian Science Committee on Publication for Southern California since 2006 and every year I find new opportunities to correct impositions on Christian Science (as directed by Mary Baker Eddy, the founder of Christian Science).

Before working as the Committee, I worked in the public education sector, where I had an opportunity to work with a wide variety of people to ensure education goals were met. I was honored as the Superintendent of Schools in Louisville, Kentucky and later named National Superintendent of the Year for America – where I was honored by former President George H. W. Bush at the White House. My last educational appointment prior to becoming a full-time practitioner was Superintendent of the Los Angeles County Office of Education, an office serving 84 school district

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