Why We Have Psychological Defense Mechanisms

by Psyched!, 7 months ago

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Gerry and Julie-Ann discuss the psychology of defense mechanisms. We all display defense mechanisms. These are unconscious processes which seemingly help us protect ourselves from others.

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We learn these in childhood and carry these defenses throughout our lives. Defense mechanisms can cause problems in our social lives. Common forms of defenses such as denial, acting out, compartmentalization, projection, reaction formation, repression, suppression, displacement, rationalization, compensation/overcompensation, acceptance, and assertion are detailed. Special guest Dr. Melody Bacon talks with Julie-Ann and Gerry about her research and clinical work with substance addicted clients and their families. Conflict and drama, the realities of relapsing, and the possibilities of families changing once the addict becomes sober and living a “new normal”. Brain science is incorporated into the discussion. Dr. Bacon’s forthcoming book, “Family Matters”, explores multidimensional treatment therapy, used in Europe.

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