Criminal Profile of a Terrorist

March 6, 2017 46 3 No Comments


We expect everyone to be reasonable according to our perspective. Behavior analysis instead of profiling allows law enforcement agencies to have a better understanding of threat assessment, sometimes threat can be mitigated once the underlying reasons of the suspect is understood.

Join Carlos and Kelly Carlson as they explore criminal profiling of a terrorist with Dr. Puckett. We will find out the difference between lone domestic terrorists and terrorist groups. Can we stop them? We will discuss the recent terrorist attack in France.
Dr. Kathleen M. Puckett spent 23 years as an FBI Special Agent, where she was primarily involved in the investigation and analysis of cases involving foreign counterintelligence and domestic and international terrorism.
In 1993 she became a founding member of the FBI National Security Division’s Behavioral Analysis Program (BAP), and was an operational and behavioral consultant to numerous high profile counterintelligence and counterterrorism investigations throughout the United States.


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