Cult Manipulation

March 6, 2017 69 3 No Comments


Cult is very difficult to define, as any religion can exhibit cult-like behavior of controlling people. Instead of labeling all religion as bad or cults, one should determine if the organization is a cult by looking for symptoms of cult manipulation. Some of the major red flags is the us vs them mentality, they are wrong and we are right, we are the only way, often asking you to turn away from love ones, and creating a dependency.

Join Dr. Carlos as he discusses cult manipulation with Diane Benscoter. Diane Benscoter is the author of Shoes of a Servant – My unconditional Devotion to a Lie. She is a speaker and workshop facilitator.
Diane founded Own Your Brain with the hope of shedding light on how tactics of manipulation can take advantage of certain aspects of human vulnerability. She draws from her own experience inside a religious cult and later as a deprogrammer, helping families free their loved ones from similar religious cults.

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