Promote peace and love through this election

by HikeTalk, 9 months ago

The 2016 election got us thinking a lot about the backwardness that the United States is heading towards. Years of us putting our differences and backgrounds aside in order to work together to eradicate prejudice and judgment are in jeopardy as we head into a future of unknown and bigotry. The division between ideologies is clear in this country and as a matter of fact, it has not been clearer in most of our lifetimes. The amount of hatred spreading all over this country is immeasurable. But, we should not let that deter us from letting go of our anger and hate to embrace peace and love. We should not fall in the hatred trap and buy into what they are selling, because the more angry we are towards others, the more we become victims of the hate campaign. Gandhi never promoted his ideologies through threats, he promoted it with unification and kindness. We need to understand that only open-mindedness, tolerance, patience, education, love, and peace can be our guidance to surpassing this hardship. We, the people of the United States, should work together to look pass all of the ignorance and to embrace our differences because only we can save ourselves.


So the team at HikeTalk and TherapyCable challenge you to channel your anger and hatred to more proactive actions. We want you to speak up and tell the world how you can positively and peacefully contribute to a better future.


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