4 Ways on How to Help Your Child Deal With Bullies

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Bullying is a big problem in today’s education system, especially in high school. Many kids at various ages deal with it on a weekly basis. If your child is dealing with bullying, whether it is verbal or physical, this can have a huge impact on them and their development. You want to protect your child, but you also don’t want to make the situation worse. So what can you do?


Here are 4 Ways on How to Help Your Child Deal With Bullies:

1. Listen to Your Child

Bullying can have a serious mental impact on your child. Because of this, their brain may try to repress the distressing memories and experiences. They may not want to talk about it to others because they feel like they are weak for getting bullied or that they should be able to handle this on their own. However, it is crucial that they do get help and have the opportunity to talk about what is going. It is your job as a parent to listen and understand your kid’s feelings and worries. Whatever you do, do not criticize your kid! The best thing to do is convey to them that you understand and are willing to help him through the situation.

2. Figure Out What is Going On

By definition, bullying is intentional intimidation or harassment towards another person. Most kids tease in a playful, harmless way that isn’t serious. However, some cases can get very serious, resulting in physical and verbal harassment. When listening to your child, it is important to figure out exactly what kind of bullying is taking place and why. Your child might not have all the answers or be willing to talk about it, so you may need to talk to other people. Teachers, friends, and other people who may have witnessed the bullying are all great people to talk to. Once you know what is going on, you will be able to figure out what needs to be done.

3. Create a Plan

One of the biggest problems with bullying that your child may be facing is feeling helpless or alone when they are being bullied. To combat this, make a plan with them to avoid these situations while a more permanent solution can be worked out. Whether it is changing the routes they walk to class or asking someone else to stay with them when they are vulnerable, make sure your child feels like they can escape these situations. It may be helpful to get others involved as well. There has been a large push to reduce the bullying in schools lately, so it may be a good idea to implement some of these programs.

4. Help Your Child Feel Safe

If your child is struggling with this and it is impacting their ability to function, it may be time to remove them from this situation. Some people are tempted to stick out a tough situation, but your child’s safety, both physical and mental, is the most important thing right now. There are plenty of alternatives to a traditional school that will allow your child to flourish in a safe environment. Take advantage of these opportunities to help your child while this situation gets resolved.

Dealing with a bully can be overwhelming for your child, but with your help, they will be able to make it through this challenge. As a parent, it is your job to be their advocate and make sure that they are safe. Your child’s health is the most important thing, so make sure you prioritize that.


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