The Hidden Psychology of Egg Donors

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Many countries have laws that range of restricting to full outlaw of egg donors, which drives the market elsewhere. The demand for egg donations are high among gay couples who have no way of producing a child of their own and infertile couples that gone through enormous trauma before coming to the decision to go with egg donors. Often there is also a drive to select certain phenotypes and genotypes in the child. There is an element of eugenics in egg donation that makes the topic very controversial. With the risk of egg donation severely understudied.
Join Carlos as he explores The hidden psychology of egg donor
Diane Tober, PhD, is Associate Executive Director at The Center for Genetics and Society. She has conducted extensive research in topics related to bioethics, reproductive technologies and commodification of the body, in both the United States and the Middle East. Her research includes ethnographic work on the sperm-banking industry; kidney sales in Islamic Republic of Iran; and other topics related to infertility and reproductive technologies. She received her doctorate in Medical Anthropology from the University of California, Berkeley/UC San Francisco joint program.
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