How Drugs And Addiction Affect Your Brain

March 5, 2017 124 17 No Comments


Addiction, especially alcoholism, can affect you in some ways by altering the way you work, the way you interact with others, and even the way you think!

Addiction is also viewed as extremely dangerous as the immediate distribution of euphoria upon their first shot or their first hit, without the correct mindset or self-esteem, can lead down a dangerous road. Addiction can affect anyone regardless of their social and economic standing, if your history makes you feel as though addiction could be a problem for you, therapy is a great option for you! Join millions of others who have decided to make the change to get healthy and get better!

Join Dr. Carlos and Dr. G as they discuss different types of addictions such as alcohol, illicit drugs, prescription drugs and how the addiction starts in the first place. They will also go in depth into how different addictions can affect your brain.

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