Is It Possible to Go to Mars?

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Join Dr. Carlos as he discusses the possibility of going to Mars with Dr. James W. Rice, PhD (USA).
Dr. James W. Rice is an Astrogeologist with over 25 years of research experience specializing in the surface geology and history of water on Mars. His career includes working for NASA, Astrogeology Headquarters of the United States Geological Survey, the Mars Spaceflight Facility located at Arizona State University and the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory located at the University of Arizona. Dr. Rice is a Co-Investigator on the Mars Exploration Rover Project (Spirit and Opportunity).

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Rice also has mission experience working on the Mars Odyssey Orbiter and Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Projects. Dr. Rice has been involved in Mars landing site selection and certification activities for every NASA Mars Mission since Mars Pathfinder in 1995.

Dr. Rice has extensive geological field experience (over 20 years experience in Antarctica, High Arctic, Iceland, Hawaii) studying a wide variety of Mars analog environments. He has been a team member on numerous international geological field expeditions around the world including a 6 month long joint NASA/Russian expedition to Antarctica. This work included being a member of the SCUBA diving team to first investigate the perennially frozen lakes of eastern Antarctica. Rice has also led several NASA field conferences to Mars analog sites around the world.

Dr. Rice also serves on several NASA Science Analysis Groups for manned missions back to the Moon and Mars.

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