Is My Husband Gay Straight or Bi?

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Is my husband gay straight or bi? To learn more about this please view:

The answer to this question is not as simple as it may seem. Men can and have had sex with other men, or have fantasies about it, generally come from a place of sexual abuse and a need to override those dark emotions with positive experiences. Otherwise, it could just be a sexual fantasy that may or may not require therapy, one thing is positive however, a level of honesty with the wife is vital to the health of the relationship.

In the first of three segments with Dr. Joe Kort, Jim Brillon discusses Joe’s upcoming new book. They explore the fluidity of male sexuality, outside the bounds of traditional Gay/Straight binary thinking. Through Dr. Kort’s remarkable insight and experience, this discussion opens up a deeper conversation about how real men navigate their sexual identities. The book and the conversation may provide some provocative and eye-opening insights and start you thinking in a broader way about male sexuality, coming out and mixed-orientation relationships.

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