A Look at Mass Killers

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Mass killers erupt from the shadows and inflict carnage on innocent people attending, work, school or public events. The warning signs of these murderers’ intentions are often blinking like neon billboards and are overlooked. This book examines the behavioral mindset of these assassins and will assist those seeking knowledge of how to stop these killers from murdering innocent people and the resulting psychological trauma associated from these horrific events.

About the Author

Mike Roche has over three decades of law enforcement experience. He began his career with the Little Rock Police Department, and spent twenty-two years with the U.S. Secret Service. The last fifteen years of his career were focused on conducting behavioral threat assessments of those threatening to engage in targeted violence. Mike was also assigned as the Intelligence Liaison to the FBI and CIA headquarters as well as being assigned to the Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF). He is the author of three novels and a nonfiction work on rapport building. Retired, Mike is currently a security consultant at Protective Threat LLC. and an adjunct instructor at Saint Leo University. He resides in Florida with his family.

Join Dr. Carlos as he discusses mass killers with former Secret Service agent Mike Roche.

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