Lower Back Pain & Fitness in 2017

March 6, 2017 200 19 No Comments


Join Carlos as he explores low back pain and fitness in 2016 with Gordon Duffy. Gordon thinks about age, wellness and fitness in an entirely new way that challenges the “junk science” of the past. A fierce advocate of “functional longevity,” Gordon is an author, trainer and certified kinesiologist who has worked along some of the world’s foremost experts on aging.Gordon’s forty years of experience and success have earned him international recognition.

Stefanie Mosby danced and performed for the Los Angeles Lakers for two years. During her time with the Lakers, she performed on national TV, attended numerous charity events, and also hosted the Lakers pre-game show “Lakers TV” and game time events. Her passion for nutrition, health and fitness is apparent by her own amazing physique and her willingness and excitement for helping others achieve their fitness goals.

Both Trainers work at Living Fitness OC in Newport Coast. Website-livingfitnessoc.com


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