Into the Mind of a Hostage Negotiator

March 6, 2017 67 3 No Comments


A seasoned global negotiator, teacher and leader in the field, Christopher Voss leads a team (The Black Swan Group Ltd.) that provides masterful negotiating services to companies for high stakes situations and deals, trains businesses and individuals in an effective way of thinking and in the process of negotiation so it becomes second nature.

Join Dr. Carlos as he explores the psychology of a FBI hostage negotiator. The Black Swan Group Ltd. is a strategic business advisory firm with a specific focus in negotiation.
Black Swan is led by Christopher Voss a 24 year veteran of the FBI where he directed and advised teams in a variety of investigations, liaisons, and collaborations on global objectives in major countries and cities around the world. After retiring as the FBI’s lead international hostage negotiator, Voss started the Black Swan Group Ltd. with the aim of bringing his special knowledge and experience in high power, high-stress negotiation situations to the business world.

The Black Swan Group takes a hybrid approach to negotiation by combining the confrontational with the collaborative. It goes beyond the strategies and toolbox of techniques by offering its clients a way to navigate a lasting outcome.


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