Mindfulness: What Is It and How Does It Help with Addiction?

March 30, 2017 242 17 No Comments


Being Mindful can help us improve our daily lives. This can very much relate to helping overcome addiction as well.

Mindfulness, as defined by Arsen Muradyan, has two components:

1)Being present and aware of the moment and situation at hand.

2)Look at the moment openly and curiously instead of judging the moment negatively.

These steps help you to understand and process situations in a way you may not have thought of previously. What you are feeling in the moment; fear, anger, resentment, guilt etc. Where you are feeling it; in your heart, in your head etc. Also what your thoughts are on this situation; am I angry because this person is making no sense, because I disagree, or because I am wrong. This technique helps you to deal with your emotions rather than avoid them. This is especially helpful with addiction as most addicts tend to avoid their emotions and their situations, with this therapy technique they can learn to deal with life as it happens instead of turning to their addiction.

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