My Father Was a Serial Killer!! Who Killed the Black Dahlia?

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We interview Steve Hodel about his father George Hodel, the suspected killer of The Black Dahlia!


Steve Hodel was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. He served four years as a medic in the U.S. Navy, and then joined the Los Angeles Police Department in 1963. After six years in uniform patrol, he transferred to Hollywood Division Detectives where he worked all of the “tables”: Burglary, Robbery, Auto-Theft, Juvenile, Crimes against Persons and was then permanently assigned to the Homicide Detail.

During his career at Hollywood Homicide, Steve promoted to Detective II and in 1983 was the senior field homicide detective. During his years of service he received more than 75 commendations and handled over 300 separate murder investigations and had one of the departments highest “solve rates. ” Steve promoted to Detective III (the highest attainable rank in detectives) and retired from LAPD in 1986

“The Black Dahlia” was a nickname posthumously given to Elizabeth Short. She was an American woman who was murdered in Los Angeles, California in 1947. Because her corpse was mutilated and cut in half, her case became highly publicized. The Black Dahlia Murder was the name given to this murder. Steve Hodel also believes his Father George Hodel could also be The Zodiac Killer

Steve Hodel resides in his hometown of Los Angeles.

“[Hodel] has written an intensely readable account…So what’s the final verdict on Black Dahlia Avenger? Its accounts of cover-ups and civic corruption are all too believable, and much of the circumstantial evidence it presents against George Hodel is persuasive….Has Steve Hodel solved the case?

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