Opiate Detoxing: The Do’s and Don’ts of Addiction Treatment

January 30, 2017 141 9 No Comments

Published on Jan 27, 2017

On this episode of Tips and Tools, Dr. G. discusses with our guest, Dr. Rafael Penunuri about opiate detoxing. We discuss why self-detoxing does not work and some options that you have to seek help.

On average, most people who are looking for help to get off their opiates (prescription drugs, heroin etc.) have been addicted for an average of 5 years and have tried to self-detox. Self-detoxing is a big DON’T, while detoxing is always uncomfortable, quitting “cold turkey” can be detrimental to your health as well as having a higher rate of relapse if attempted.

Always consult a professional when seeking help.
For immediate drug and addiction help please visit: https://beginningstreatment.com/conta…
or Call: 8003876907

Most treatments are covered by insurance and are as follows: outpatient treatment (getting prescribed medications for detoxing at home), inpatient treatment (detoxing in a hospital), inpatient residential (detoxing in a comfortable setting with many other treatments during your stay). It is also highly recommended to get psychotherapy during the duration of treatment in order to get to the root of the addiction and treat the underlying cause in the mind while you treat the body.

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