Is Oxytocin the Moral Molecule?

March 6, 2017 62 5 No Comments


What is the moral molecule?
Oxytocin is a hormone that signals familiarity, In evolution it is how animals identify others of the same species, Nicknamed the “cuddle hormone”, it increase the sense of empathy and reinforces good social behavior.
Join Carlos as he explores the moral molecule with Dr. Paul Zak on experiments done to demonstrate higher levels of oxytocin in the brain correlates with more moral behavior. While the reverse is also true, those that show lower levels of emotion or empathy had lower levels of oxytocins. What implications do these findings have on our understanding of the criminal mind?

TED speaker PAUL J. ZAK, Ph.D., is professor of economic psychology and management at Claremont Graduate University. As the founding director of Claremont’s Center for Neuroeconomics Studies, he is at the vanguard of neuroeconomics, a new discipline that integrates neuroscience and economics. He has a popular Psychology Today blog called The Moral Molecule. He makes numerous media appearances and his research has been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Scientific American, Fast Company, and many others.


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