Positive Psychology and Goal Setting

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Positive psychology enhances our personal psychological strengths, builds self-esteem and self-worth, motivates us.

The first episode of Psyched! highlights positive psychology and improving daily happiness. Positive psychology uses optimism, self-efficacy, positive illusions, gratitude, compassion, openness to experience, and the ability to change to create daily happiness. Our guest, psychologist Dr. Gregory Canillas, talks about the psychology of goal setting and New Year’s resolutions with Dr. Gerry Fishkin and Julie-Ann Goode, MFT Intern. The process of changing habits and why it takes so long are discussed. Goal achievement through writing and tracking are mentioned. Positive reinforcement and patience with the process of change. How self-sabotage kicks a person off their goal path. Taking baby steps versus overwhelming with huge goals is emphasized. Dr. Canillas offers a goal-setting group to the general public starting in mid February. Musical guest Michael Espinach (AKA Breatherrr) performs his original combination of industrial, rock, jazz and ambient music from his latest album, Almond Noir, filmed at The Offbeat in Los Angeles. Julie-Ann interviews Michael about his inspiration for creation and what drives him to be a unique, eclectic artist.

It is our goal on Psyched! to bring psychology videos to the masses in a positive and health-oriented way. To demystify and de-stigmatize therapy and to encourage you to experience greater self-understanding. It is our goal to bring to you the most interesting guests that speak directly to you and your needs, without psychobabble in an honest and understanding way!

BREATHERRR is the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist producer Michael Anthony Espinach. Founded in early 2014, BREATHERRR fuses psychedelic noise with new wave jazz and pop for a unique musical experiment. After only a couple of years, BREATHERRR has garnered critical acclaim and success in his hometown of Long Beach.

His most ambitious project to date is the upcoming LP entitled “Almond Noir”. The album touches upon finding strength in vulnerability and tells the story of Espinach’s own battle with substance abuse. “This album points to the cultivation and letting go of certain relationships. Building and destroying romantic relationships, cultivating and abstaining from my chemical relationships, and hiding from and truly discovering the relationship with my self.”

“Almond Noir” begins with the leading single Chantrieri which fuses electronic beats with heavy bass and new-wave vocals. Chantrieri is experimental yet with a pop sensibility rarely found in music today. In the second track Tar, BREATHERRR brilliantly fuses industrial beats and dark wave influenced lyricism for what can be described as a beautiful yet poignantly haunting musical psychedelic trip.

Fresh off of playing numerous shows at SXSW, BREATHERRR continues to play packed venues across Southern California opening for such artists as Pictureplane and DJ R.A.W.

“Almond Noir” is set for release November 11th worldwide.
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