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Shelby Castile

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My Therapy Approach: With deep roots in Mindfulness-based approaches, My therapeutic style is richly eclectic, integrating several research-based approaches. I specialize in all Relationship Issues (separation, divorce, infidelity) assisting each individual/couple with tools for better communication and acceptance. Gro

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Sima Ranjbar

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My Therapy Approach: Start from somewhere you feel comfortable with. Think about what makes you smile and find a legitimate way to do exactly that for a living. Create a work of Art, there is an Artist in each human being. Groups I Work With: I work with developers prior to constructions to plan outRead More

Traci Medeiros-Bagan

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My Therapy Approach: I utilize an integrated approach of feminist, contemplative, narrative and depth therapy, drawing from my own personal journey through healing. Through an egalitarian structure, we will work together to plan, navigate and shape a healing journey that feels like a good fit for you. Groups I Work Wit

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Yasaman Mostajeran

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My Therapy Approach: Psychotherapy, Mindfulness Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Jungian Analysis, Art Therapy with children Groups I Work With: Art-therapy, Anger-management, social skills More Info About My Practice: I have a nonjudgemental, acceptance based stance, and a firm believer in healing through t

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Bahareh Mahmoudian

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