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Mahastee Mehdizadeh

TCable February 25, 2017 19 No Comments

My Therapy Approach: I feel that a big reason for issues that people have is our inability to say NO. Based on my own experience and from working with clients for over 10 years I have noticed how by not having healthy boundaries we have lost out on positive opportunities, sabotaged ourselves, are more reactive, Read More

Maryam Khavar

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Pamela Harper

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My Therapy Approach: Solution Based Programs that uncover the source of subconscious triggers, thus creating immediate conscious well-being by raising vibrational energy. “Change your mind and change your life”. Groups I Work With: Individuals, Groups, Companies, Medical Organization and Geriatric Psychiatr

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Priscilla Jadallah

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My Therapy Approach: I am a Marriage and Family Therapist intern with 5 years experience in the mental health field. I provide a safe and comfortable space for you to come and join with me on a journey that will enable you with the skills and tools to tackle life’s hardships and to let goRead More

Bahareh Mahmoudian

TCable February 4, 2017 28 No Comments

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