PSYCHED! – The Psychology of Attraction

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What are the special and exciting behaviors that add up to attracting a great mate and lover? Today, we discuss the psychology of attraction!

Gerry, Julie-Ann, and their guest Dr. Bob Weathers focus on the psychology of attraction. The deepest feelings you have inside will be projected onto the signals you send out to a potential mate. Hormones naturally kick into place and give you warm, fuzzy feelings. We may have checklists of attributes and images in our minds of how the “perfect” person will act and look. When looking for a mate, attachment and bonding come into play from our childhoods and how we related to our parents or caregivers. After we have established an ongoing relationship, we need to appreciate and respect our mates on an ongoing basis. Dr. Bob dives into the mind, body, and soul of sustaining that initial spark, to create long-term loving relationships. The deeper feelings of love are explored through biology, spirituality, and intuition. Commitment is sealed through time, patience and vulnerability. Dr. Bob also entertains us with his jazz quartet from their practice studio.

Bob Weathers Jazz Quartet
Drummer and bandleader Dr. Bob Weathers holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and has over his professional career provided tens of thousands of hours of therapy and coaching to his clients. He has for the past ten years been Academic Effectiveness Coordinator at California Southern University in Orange County, including helping lead the university toward full regional accreditation this past year. Along with his vocational pursuits, Dr. Bob has maintained an active, lifelong involvement in music, including performing locally as a jazz drummer and world music percussionist. Related to this artistic passion, Dr. Bob regularly applies his having studied popular and ethnic drumming for over fifty years by performing and lecturing widely, to both professional and general public audiences, on the connection between musical creativity, personal spiritual development, and emotional well-being.

Trumpeter and flugelhornist Jon Orefice comes from a distinguished career in engineering and having served for years as a commercial pilot for United Airlines. Currently happily retired, his lifelong love for jazz has included more recently his studies in the well-regarded jazz program at Saddleback College.

Guitarist Rich Cozzi has over thirty years playing and instructing experience with specialization in Guitars, Banjo, Ukulele, along with other stringed instruments. Rich received his degree from the University of Maryland and studied music theory, its practical application to the instrument, improvisation, harmony, and composition at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston. He has also studied privately with numerous teachers throughout the country including Hank Wiktoriwitz of the Boston Pops, Jon Damian, Berklee Guitar Chairman Larry Baione, and internationally known Charlie Banocus. Rich has performed throughout the Northeast and California including the Sweet and Hot Jazz Festival in Los Angeles, the Bakersfield Jazz Festival, Cape Cod Jazz Festival, and at numerous night clubs and social events. Rich teaches both privately and in a classroom setting. He was formerly a faculty member in the music department at the Tarbut V’ Torah School and also formerly at Concordia University.

Saxophonist Harun Oncu obtained his college degree in maritime business administration in Izmir, Turkey, and worked for years in the international shipping industry. He moved to the U.S. in 2014, first to Tampa, Florida, FL, then southern California. Harun currently owns and operates a natural stone warehouse in Anaheim.
Harun’s musical career began in high school, first with clarinet, then tenor sax, with his focus on mastering Turkish pop and other ethnic musical styles. In 1996 he established his own jazz band, JAZZ 5, in Turkey and they played together for several years. After moving to the U.S., Harun began to frequent blues and jazz jams, including being featured with the Gary Brown Blues Band in Tampa.
Harun continues to enjoy bringing together all different cultures and ethnic sounds in his jazz solos. He maintains that his unique sound comes from his many years, in the Turkish streets of Izmir and Istanbul, as a creative and passionate musician.


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