PSYCHED! Determination to End Hardships

by Psyched!, 3 months ago

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With modern day determination, psychologist and author Dr. Chris Stout, the Founder of Center for Global Initiatives (Chicago), discusses his worldwide humanitarian endeavors to reduce suffering. His consortium consists of international healthcare professionals, academics, and NGOs who volunteer their talents and efforts in countries such as Tanzania. How can you get involved with the Center for Global Initiatives and contribute to creating a better world? Contact and for more information.

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“From the Mind of Dr. Gerry Fishkin” debuts. Dr. Fishkin recently won first prize in the Eric Hoffer Award (Self-Help category) for his newest book, “The Science of Shame and its Treatment”. Dr. Fishkin tells the inspiring story of Eric Hoffer, a 20th century social psychology author, best known for his book, “The True Believer”. Hoffer’s story reminds us of the importance of determination in rising out of hardships to create healthier lives. Dr. Fishkin and Julie-Ann converse about how Hoffer’s philosophy relates to modern times.

Dedicated to the memory of Pamela Scafidi

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