What do Sal Mineo and Edgar Allan Poe have in common?

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What do Sal Mineo and Edgar Allan Poe have in common?

Hollywood and History intersect in a rare two-man show. The South Pasadena Fremont Centre Theatre presents performances on the lives of famed Hollywood actor Sal Mineo and American poet Edgar Allan Poe. Both were amazingly talented… Both died mysteriously at relatively young ages.
Guest Dean Ghaffari portrays Mineo, an openly gay actor, whose story resonates today because of the recent decision by The Supreme Court on marriage and equality.

Sal Mineo’s roles in Rebel Without a Cause, Giant, Exodus, The Longest Day, and other films put an unwelcome spotlight on his private life. By the early 1960s, he was becoming too old to play the type of role that had made him famous, and his homosexuality led to him being not considered appropriate for leading roles. Mineo was stabbed to death in the alley behind his apartment building near The Sunset Strip in West Hollywood in 1976. The assailant never offered a reason for the attack. Sal Mineo was just 37.

Poe’s life was filled with his own demons and often wrote his best work while staying alone in cheap hotel rooms. Known as the father of detective fiction, his poetry and stories told in the gothic mystery genre thrilled readers; but, his fame infringed on his personal life in an unwelcome manner. At age 40, Poe died; the cause of his death is unknown and has been variously attributed to alcohol, brain congestion, cholera, drugs, heart disease, rabies, suicide, tuberculosis, and / or other agents. Prior to his demise, he was found on the streets of Baltimore delirious, in great distress, and… in need of immediate assistance.

Two iconic artists who seemingly have little in common. Two stories that intertwine in a fabulous presentation. Actor Sal Mineo, Poet Edgar Allan Poe coming to South Pasadena July 17th & 18th at 8p at the Fremont Centre Theatre in South Pasadena, California.

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