Solving Problems in 7 Steps

March 1, 2017 205 14 No Comments


In this episode, I explain the problem-solving process. Problem-solving is the function of human adult ego-state. Then I will discuss how value system is related to this process and ways of figuring out your values.

Problem solving steps:

1) Problem Identification

2) Set SMART goals: ex. I would like to spend at least 30 minutes a day with my partner, having no distractions in that time frame.
Time Bounded

3) Brainstorming- Find out what makes you happy or what makes you feel better. Like being less of a pushover or playing video games.

4) Consequences: By setting these goals will there be consequences? If so, are they consequences you can deal with?

5) Make your choice- Picking a solution that you feel good about, not something you feel obligated to choose.

6) Implementation- Make sure you do it!

7) Evaluation- What worked and what didn’t?

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