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What is Borderline Personality Disorder?

AustinA August 3, 2017 225 No Comments

borderline personality disorder

Think of the last time you saw a “textbook case” of borderline personality disorder in a film or TV show. You’re maybe thinking of Girl, Interrupted (1999) or maybe even that one episode of Criminal Minds because how can they not have an episode depicting borderline personality disorder, right?  Well, you’d be

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Am I Addicted to Sex?!

AustinA August 3, 2017 1770 No Comments

am i addicted to sex

What is Sex Addiction? It is estimated that the prevalence of sexual addiction-related disorders occurs between 3% to 16.8% of the population. In the general adult population, it is estimated that 3%-6% suffer from sexual addiction with higher rates among specific niches of the population such as sexual offenders, HIV

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What Does Male Depression Look Like?

AustinA August 1, 2017 278 No Comments

what does male depression look like

Raise your hand if you’ve ever heard the phrase “Be a man.” Well, what does “be a man” really entail? A lot of the times, men are told to be strong and be in control of their emotions. Feelings should not play a role in being a man, basically.    News flash: men can experience Read More

What To Do When Therapy Isn’t Working

AustinA August 1, 2017 220 No Comments

What to do when therapy isn't working

For most people with mental illnesses, therapy is often seen as the last resort. It is the thing people turn to when nothing else has worked, and this often makes therapy seem like the ultimate solution that will rid you of all your symptoms. However, this isn’t the case for everyone. There isn’t one typeRead More

The Psychology of Color – How they’re used in marketing and how we perceive them!

AustinA August 1, 2017 235 No Comments

The Psychology of Color

The Psychology of Color! In 2000, Glasgow, Scotland decided to place blue street lighting up and down their streets as a way to improve the scenery. Later, the city reported that crime decreased significantly in those places lit up in blue. In 2005, police introduced blue street lighting to a prefecture in Nara, Japan.

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The Different Types of Eating Disorders

Alisha Patel July 31, 2017 243 No Comments

Different types of eating disorders

There are several different types of eating disorders. Eating disorders are psychological disorders characteristic of emotional and behavioral issues centered around body weight and food concerns. There is not one type of person that is more likely to develop an eating disorder. These serious disorders can affect anyon

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11 Most Common Addictions That You May Not Realize!

Don Tran July 31, 2017 395 No Comments

Most common addictions

The Most Common Addictions You Didn’t Realize Were Addictions When speaking about addiction, drugs and alcohol usually accompanies the discussion. But, are drugs and alcohol the only substances that can be addicting? Are there other substances not categorized as drugs and alcohol that can be addicting? Also, can cert

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The reality of prescription drug abuse in teens

Don Tran July 31, 2017 214 No Comments

prescription drug abuse in teens

The reality of prescription drug abuse in teens Prescription (Rx) drug abuse has become one of the leading drug problems in the nation, especially among teens. In fact, Rx drugs are the most commonly abused substances by teens 14 and older, after marijuana and alcohol. Although prescription drugs are made to provide

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The Effects of Pornography in Modern Society

Don Tran July 31, 2017 832 No Comments

effects of pornography

The Effects of Pornography in Modern Society    Throughout the history of humankind, people have been obsessed with sex. Whether it be for love, for pleasure, or for procreation, people are deeply fascinated with sex. It is no surprise then, that humanity has sought to portray sex through various forms of art and me

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The Psychology of Attraction

Claudia Son July 31, 2017 275 No Comments

the psychology of attraction

The Psychology of Attraction Attraction isn’t something you think twice about. We don’t necessarily see it coming all the time because it feels automatic and doesn’t really require extra effort. In this way, attraction can also be unpredictable. Sometimes, it leaves you dumbfounded: why in the world is that perso

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