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Beating the Winter Blues: Sunlight is the Key to Seasonal Affective Disorder

AustinA August 9, 2017 185 No Comments

Seasonal affective disorder

Dealing with a case of the winter blues? It’s difficult for some people to retain their energy levels and positive mood as the days grow shorter and the temperatures colder in the winter months. Mild cases are commonly referred to as the winter blues, while more severe cases may meet the criteria for Seasonal Affect

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What Does Male Depression Look Like?

AustinA August 1, 2017 197 No Comments

what does male depression look like

Raise your hand if you’ve ever heard the phrase “Be a man.” Well, what does “be a man” really entail? A lot of the times, men are told to be strong and be in control of their emotions. Feelings should not play a role in being a man, basically.    News flash: men can experience Read More

What To Do When Therapy Isn’t Working

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What to do when therapy isn't working

For most people with mental illnesses, therapy is often seen as the last resort. It is the thing people turn to when nothing else has worked, and this often makes therapy seem like the ultimate solution that will rid you of all your symptoms. However, this isn’t the case for everyone. There isn’t one typeRead More