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5 Ways to Compromise with Your Roommates and Avoid Conflicts

Austin Armstrong November 28, 2017 360 No Comments

avoid conflicts with roommates

Whether you are living with your best friend or a stranger, it is necessary to know how to handle and avoid conflicts. People come from different backgrounds and have varied personalities, making it essential to compromise if you are to prevent arguments. This is because sharing the same space will encourage interactio

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Everything you need to know about the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

Don Tran November 6, 2017 225 No Comments

Everything you need to know about the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Chances are, you’ve probably seen these strange four letter acronyms (INFP, ENSJ, ISFP, ESTP, etc.) floating around on blogs or social dating apps and wondered, what do they mean? Well, these four letter acronyms originate from what is called the Myers

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Am I In An Abusive Relationship?

Don Tran November 6, 2017 265 No Comments

am i in an abusive relationship

Am I In An Abusive Relationship? How do I know if I am in an abusive relationship? No two relationships are going to function in the exact same way because we are all unique individuals. Since we are all different, the ways that we interact and communicate with our partners are going to vary significantlyRead More

Overcoming an Affair In a Relationship

AustinA August 3, 2017 263 No Comments

overcoming an affair in a relationship

Overcoming the emotions experienced in an affair is an arduous process. We dedicate a huge portion of our time developing these intimate feelings with our significant other. He/She becomes a precious part of who we are. Not surprisingly, you’d feel a gaping hole if they are no longer a part of your life. While tho

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The Psychology of Attraction

Claudia Son July 31, 2017 276 No Comments

the psychology of attraction

The Psychology of Attraction Attraction isn’t something you think twice about. We don’t necessarily see it coming all the time because it feels automatic and doesn’t really require extra effort. In this way, attraction can also be unpredictable. Sometimes, it leaves you dumbfounded: why in the world is that perso

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The Psychology of Long Term Intimate Relationships

Circle of Insight March 6, 2017 239 No Comments


In long term relationship, passion often fades. The misconception often assumes passion would come naturally and doesn’t need any effort, and if effort is required, something is wrong with the relationship. The fact is, passion needs to be maintained, like a flower, if it doesn’t receive water, it would die. Studie

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The Challenges of Dating

Circle of Insight March 6, 2017 204 No Comments


Are you facing a lot of challenges when dating? Are you tired of feeling defeated, depressed or confused as to why you are not building a life with someone? Or maybe you wonder why the relationship you are in is not working out! GET YOURSELF READY FOR A HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP! Be ready to stop datingRead More

What is a Healthy Relationship?

Circle of Insight March 6, 2017 236 No Comments


Have you ever stopped to think, what exactly is a healthy relationship? Life is too long not to have chemistry in a relationship, compatibility in lifestyle. Healthy touch and verbal communications are important factors in a healthy relationship. The key in communication is to have structured communication, not spontan

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The Body Language of Dating

Circle of Insight March 6, 2017 246 No Comments


Join Carlos Vazquez as he explores the body language of dating. Primal instinct meets the power of choice in this go-to guide to getting the guy. The last time you locked eyes with a gorgeous, manly specimen across the room or took a detour past the object of your affection, fluffing your locks on yourRead More

How Do You Know If They’re The Right One?

Brian Tran January 1, 2017 174 No Comments


How do you know she’s / he’s the one? For those of you that are in a current romantic relationship, are you able to see if he or she is “the right one”? Knowing if he or she is the “right one” requires a fundamental base of understanding and appreciation of what your significant otherRead More