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The Psychology of Sex: An Exploration on Why We Have Sex

AustinA August 3, 2017 87 No Comments

the psychology of sex

In today’s society, sex has become prevalent in our daily lives. At the grocery store, you can find men and women’s magazines with slim, shapely, chic models depicted on the cover with headlines for articles about how to last longer in bed, how to improve your sex life, and a multitude of ways how to please tha

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Am I Addicted to Sex?!

AustinA August 3, 2017 351 No Comments

am i addicted to sex

What is Sex Addiction? It is estimated that the prevalence of sexual addiction-related disorders occurs between 3% to 16.8% of the population. In the general adult population, it is estimated that 3%-6% suffer from sexual addiction with higher rates among specific niches of the population such as sexual offenders, HIV

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The Perils of Pornography

Circle of Insight March 5, 2017 68 No Comments


Join Dr. Carlos as he discusses the issue of pornography with guests Manny Pacheco, Sharon Jimenez, and Father Guffey. Sharon Hardee Jimenez, president and founder of Bring Hollywood Home for the work to bring about a new vision for a business model to bring investors to a fund that will provide a 30% incentive to Read More