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4 Ways on How to Help Your Child Deal With Bullies

Austin December 20, 2017 119 No Comments


Bullying is a big problem in today’s education system, especially in high school. Many kids at various ages deal with it on a weekly basis. If your child is dealing with bullying, whether it is verbal or physical, this can have a huge impact on them and their development. You want to protect your child,Read More

What Dating Is Like For Millennials

AustinA August 9, 2017 461 No Comments

millennial dating trends

There are many statistics to point towards the notion that for millennials, dating and relationships (and eventually marriage) is something hard to grasp. According to a recent report, young people are marrying later and having sex less. In 1960, 72% of all adults aged eighteen and older were married; today just 51%

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Overcoming an Affair In a Relationship

AustinA August 3, 2017 186 No Comments

overcoming an affair in a relationship

Overcoming the emotions experienced in an affair is an arduous process. We dedicate a huge portion of our time developing these intimate feelings with our significant other. He/She becomes a precious part of who we are. Not surprisingly, you’d feel a gaping hole if they are no longer a part of your life. While tho

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The reality of prescription drug abuse in teens

Don Tran July 31, 2017 171 No Comments

prescription drug abuse in teens

The reality of prescription drug abuse in teens Prescription (Rx) drug abuse has become one of the leading drug problems in the nation, especially among teens. In fact, Rx drugs are the most commonly abused substances by teens 14 and older, after marijuana and alcohol. Although prescription drugs are made to provide

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The Psychology of Bullying

Austin Armstrong July 31, 2017 187 No Comments

the psychology of bullying

The Psychology of Bullying Preventing bullying in high school has cost the USA over $1.4 million per person. That’s a staggering amount considering the number of those who have been bullied.  One of three children has reported that they have experienced bullying at some point in their lives. Among students aged 9 t

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Youth & Violence

Psych 1on1 March 1, 2017 115 No Comments


Julie-Ann Goode sits down with Elizabeth Rivas to discuss youth and violence. Elizabeth discusses the concerns with todays youth and the growing epidemic of violence. Learn what contributing factors and environments influence todays youth. Discover the reasons for bullying in school setting, social media and other outl

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