The Challenges of Dating

March 6, 2017 199 23 No Comments


Are you facing a lot of challenges when dating? Are you tired of feeling defeated, depressed or confused as to why you are not building a life with someone? Or maybe you wonder why the relationship you are in is not working out!

Be ready to stop dating online, determine what you want out of life and what you are willing to put first, love or your career. Most importantly, remember not to force a relationship just for the holidays, be patient! Forcing relationships can cause strain before too long!

Join us as Carlos explores the challenges of dating with Dr. Cohen. Dr. Cohen is a dating consultant and relationship expert.

• Get off the dating treadmill?
• Make the bad feelings inside go away?
• Stop worrying if you get a text back right after you send one?
• Stop hurting people you care about?
• Get answers and make some decisions?
• Feel hope again?

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