The Psychology of FBI Profiling

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Join Carlos Vazquez is here explores the psychology of FBI profiling.
Step into the shoes of an FBI agent working cases in the field.
Walk along the path as he is selected to be one of the original FBI “Profilers”
Take an inside view of the extraordinary and groundbreaking training received by this ‘new breed’ of FBI agents, made famous by the renowned Behavioral Science Unit.
Work along with him and see what he’s thinking as he analyzes facts and develops profiles in several murder cases he investigates.

“Pete has a fascinating story to tell, and the reader is fortunate to have been invited to listen. Read and enjoy.”

-Legendary FBI Profiler Roy Hazelwood – best selling author of Dark Dreams and The Evil That Men Do

The stories he shares of his days in the FBI and the years he spent as one of the agency’s first profilers are incredibly engaging. After reading this book, all I can say is ‘I’m sure glad Pete was on our side!'”
Retired FBI Agent Pete Klismet is yet another of Houdini s Award Winning writers. Pete s books FBI Diary: Profiles of Evil, and FBI Animal House have garnered national awards in non-fiction categories.

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