The Spectrum of Drug and Alcohol Addiction

April 18, 2017 190 24 No Comments


If you know someone who may be abusing alcohol, prescription drugs, or illicit drugs, the first thought is always their health. Keep in mind before approaching one person about concerns for someone, you must be aware of the signs of abuse in case of legal ramifications. However, there may be cultural and ceremonial approaches to alcohol that can be mistaken for alcohol abuse. The best thing to do is make sure their daily functions are not changing dramatically if they do be sure not to accuse the person, talk and ask questions in order to get to the truth.

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On this episode of Tips and Tools we discuss the distinctions between Alcoholism, Illicit drugs, and Prescription drugs. Dr. G and Dr. Carlos detail some warning signs to pay attention to, cultural aspects, and why youth gravitate towards alcohol and drugs in the first place.

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