Today’s Women in Cinema

June 16, 2017 147 7 No Comments


Forgotten Hollywod discusses today’s women in cinema with Linda Gacsko

Linda Gacsko has enjoyed a storied career behind the camera for such films as Groundhog Day, The Fugitive, Thor, and Anchorman. Her current role as producer/host of Rock the Doc, which celebrates the magic of Doc Martin (which airs in Southern California on KCET) gives her the opportunity to showcase the fine work of British Television and the great programming strategy on Public Television.

Gacsko is busy in show business, with duties in motivational speaking, warm-up for studio audiences, and stand-up comedy. She is also an advocate for economic empowerment, animal welfare, and our environment.

Our conversation on Forgotten Hollywood should be lively and entertaining… and an inspiration to women wanting to break into the business of entertainment.

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