Training Emotional Intelligence( EQ ) in workplace and personal life

March 6, 2017 64 4 No Comments


Emotional intelligence ( EQ) the ability to recognize and correctly label the emotions of self and others are found to correlate with workplace and personal performance.

Self-awareness and self-compassion are key components in improving emotional intelligence, understanding oneself’s emotion and awareness the emotion conveyed by posture and language would lead to better understanding of other’s emotion.

In personal relationships, often people misread their partner. we tend to see the history of our past relationships with the present situation, putting you on hypersensitivity to actions of your partner. Finding comfort in defining yourself by your pain and past experience would lead to difficulty in forging new relationships.

Nanci Besser, MA is an Emotional Intelligence Specialist, Author, Speaker and Mindfulness Teacher, with a passion for guiding you to align who you are with what you want to accomplish and how to conduct your interactions with the greatest effectiveness. Join us as we explore Emotional Intelligence.

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