Understanding Stalking

December 12, 2016 179 18 No Comments


Join Dr. Carlos as he discusses stalking with Former Detective Mike Proctor. One out of every 12 women and one out of every 45 men in the United States are stalked in their lifetimes. If you are a victim of a stalker or suspect that you might be, this book will give you the means, not only to assist in your protection, but hopefully to assist law enforcement in putting the stalker behind bars. Veteran detective Mike Proctor, who has investigated and consulted on over 100 stalking cases (all of which have been successfully prosecuted), has written this essential survival guide for anyone who becomes the target of one of these predators. He teaches you: how to identify a stalker, how and why they stalk, what to do if you are being stalked, how to collect evidence, and how to get the criminal justice system on your side.

A pioneer in the investigation of stalking, Proctor continues his quest in educating both the law enforcement community and the public to the seriousness of the crimes generated by these urban predators. He discusses how all victims are subjected to some type of mental abuse either in the form of direct or indirect threats. In some cases these threats can lead to both physical trauma and even death.

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