US & Cuba Relationships

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Join Carlos Vazquez as he explores U.S. & Cuban relations with Professor Lopez.

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Professor Lopez has published extensively in his field, most recently on the late Cuban author Virgilio Piñera, recent developments in Latin American genre fiction, and the work of Mexican poet and novelist Homero Aridjis. He also presents widely at international conferences, most recently at the XXV CANELA Conference in Tokyo, the XXXIX Congress of the IILI in Cadiz, Spain, and the XXX Congress of LASA in San Francisco. López was recently commissioned to translate the Pulitzer-prize winning play Anna in the Tropics for Teatro El Público in Havana, Cuba. His recent translations of work by the novelists Rodrigo Rey Rosa and Homero Aridjis will soon be appearing in print. López has also led study abroad programs to Cuba and Perú. His work in this field earned him The University of Tampa’s International Service Award in 2009.

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